San Angelo Independent School District

Child Nutrition Department

Frequently Asked Questions


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  1. How do students access their cafeteria account?
  • Elementary students will access their cafeteria account by saying their name to the Cafeteria Manager at the end of the serving line.
  • Secondary students will access their cafeteria account by keying in their Student ID# prior to each cafeteria purchase on a ten key pad. ID numbers are assigned by the school office when students enroll in SAISD.
  • Students must not share or reveal their Student ID number with others. It is important that students know their ID number is confidential and should only be used by them.  If you suspect there is a problem, contact the Food Service office at 659-3615, so we may investigate the matter.
  • When advanced payments are received from a parent or student, the advanced payment is added to the student’s account.
  • When items are purchased by the student, the amount of the purchase is deducted from the account.
  • 2. How do I know when to send money?
  • We encourage parents to visit to check on their student’s account balance.
  • Parents or students can contact the school cafeteria manager.
  • Managers will notify students when their account balance is low.
  • Account balances at the end of the year will be forward to the new school year, or a refund will be issued with a written request from the parent.
  • 3. How do I make a prepayment at the school cafeteria?
  • Advanced payments can be made in the school cafeteria between 7:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. each school day. Parents or students can turn in payments to the cafeteria
  • Advanced payments can be made in any amount to fit the household budget.
  • We strongly encourage that advance payments sent to the cafeteria be made with checks. The canceled check is your receipt for these advanced meals, and checks are traceable in our system.
  • SAISD school cafeterias will not cash personal checks. All checks made out to the cafeteria must be for the amount of purchase only, and will be applied to the student’s cafeteria account.
  • 4. Can my child pay daily?
  • Daily cash payments will still be accepted for cafeteria meal purchases.
  • All AlaCarte purchases may be paid in cash or require money to be on the Account. Charging of alacarte items is not allowed.
  • Secondary students paying cash or with a check will be required to enter their Student ID number.
  • 5. Will my child get to eat if I forget to send money or make a payment?
  • We encourage parents to notify the cafeteria manager at their school if they are unable to pay for their child’s meal and need charge privileges.
  • District policy limits charging of school meals to no more than ten dollars ($10) AND is restricted to school meal purchases only.
  • Charging is not allowed for any AlaCarte purchases or extra food items.
  • An alternate meal will be offered that consists of a cheese sandwich and milk to students that have charges over ten dollars ($10).
  • Parents are responsible for payment of any meal charges made by students
  • 6. Is there financial assistance available for school meals?
  • Households must re-qualify for meal benefits every year.
  • Applications are available at the school or on our website at 
  • Those families who want to apply for meal benefits only need to complete and submit ONE application per household
  • Free and Reduced Price Meal benefits are posted directly to the qualifying student’s account.
      • Protects the identity of those receiving these benefits because it appears the student is using his account balance to pay for the purchases made.
      • Insures students are paying the correct price for their meals.
      • Free or Reduced-Price Meal benefits only apply to Meal purchases.

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